Lace front hair

You can request products or choose between my finished works to buy.
Before any request I recommend a consultation: we will choose the hair’s and tulle’s type, the hair’s color, density and the style. The length of making depends on the wanted style and the hair or fur’s type.
There are several type of tulles and hairs. If you have any question about it, please write me.

Short; styled: 3500 HUF
Short; not styled: 2000 HUF
Long; styled: 6000 HUF
Long; not styled: 4000 HUF
Styled: 8000 HUF
Not styled: 5000 HUF
Styled: 9000 HUF
Not styled: 6000 HUF
Styled; max 15cm long "goatee": 10.000 HUF
Not styled: 8000 HUF

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