After the procedure you will get the wanted body part made from gypsum. In some cases the prices change due the life casting’s technique, the used materials and the length of the working time.

0-12 months old:
Hand or foot: 5000 HUF
Arm or leg: 6500 HUF
1-5 years old:
Hand or foot: 6000 HUF
Arm or leg: 7500 HUF
6-12 years old:
Hand or foot: 7000 HUF
Arm or leg: 8500Ft
   + Hand or foot under 12 years old/pc: 4000 HUF
   + Arm or leg under 12 years old/pc: 5500 HUF
Half face (without ears): 12.000 HUF
Parts of the face (ears, mouth, nose etc.../pc): 5500 HUF
Hand or foot: 8000 HUF
Arm or leg: 9500 HUF
   + Hand or foot/pc: 5000 HUF
   + Arm or leg/pc: 6500 HUF
You can wear ring while the life casting at your own risk. 
Pregnant belly
Belly "bowl" or normal belly: 12.000 HUF
Belly and breasts: 20.000 HUF
Belly, breasts, shoulders: 30.000 HUF
Female chest: 9000 HUF
Breast/pc: 5000 HUF
Bottom: 8000 HUF
Genitals: 14.000 HUF
The life casting will be in full discretion.
Paw: 5000 HUF
Leg: 6500 HUF
   + paw/pc: 3500 HUF
   + leg/pc: 4500 HUF

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