About me

My name is Nikolett Lakos, working in Budapest as a freelancer special makeup artist. Since I’m 15 years old I knew that I want to work in this field, but back then I didn’t know where to go and had a lack of knowledge about the industry. Because of that I started to make small creations and learn the techniques self-taught. Finishing high school I went to Ilus Kristóf who taught me the basics, therefore I learnt how to do makeup.
I got an inside view of several professions but up to this day the world of special effects is my main interest. I do makeup, body painting, prosthetic make-up, blood effects and making sculptures and molds.
I have experince in the field of movie and but also from photoshoot and other invitations. Beside these I accept requests for individual products, for private person also. I can make wounds, ornaments, body parts, lace front products etc… It’s a passion for me not just a simple work to do.


Long way home, 2017 – FX Makeup artist
Bérgyilkosok, 2016 – Makeup artist

Kojot, 2015 – Mold making assistant
Budapest Fashion Show, 2015 – Makeup artist
HBO GO UPC, 2014 – Life casting assistant
AMC Walking Dead promotion, 2014 – Makeup and application assistant
Hamupipőke, Noir Színház – Special Makeup and Makeup artist, Hair stylist
Aladdin, Noir Színház – Special Makeup and Makeup artist, Hair stylist 
Hókirálynő, Noir Színház – Special Makeup and Makeup artist, Hair stylist
Nekem Szülőhazám, 2014 – Makeup artist

I didn’t listed the smaller projects, shootings and private jobs.